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    • T Valve Urine Bag, Catheter Bag for Urine

    Urine Bag with T-valve(LLUB-1)

    1)Material:non-toxic PVC;
    2)Size:1000ml, 2000ml;

    T Valve Urine Bag, Catheter Bag for Urine

    Material of urine bag with T-valve(LLUB-1)

    non-toxic PVC; Ø6.5x90cm/120cm medical PVC pipe


    1000ml, 2000ml


    ISO13485, CE

    Urine Bag Manufacturer Treatment Method

    Sterilized with ethylene oxide




    Polybag or meet customer needs

    1. For a single use, mainly for catheters and urine collection after surgery;
    2. Easy to read scale urine rapid determination of the amount;
    3. After the introduction flow valve, enhance four holes to maintain the position of bags in an upright position;
    4. To provide a universal cone connector;

    T Valve Urine Bag wholesale

    T valve.jpg

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