Replacement of Medical Urine Bag
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Material used:

Treatment vehicle: medical urine bag, sterile gloves, complexing iodine, cotton swab, hemostatic forceps, adhesive tape, scissors, cover, bending plate, treatment towel

Public toilet spare scissors

medical urine bag

Operation steps:

1. Check and restore the medical records.

2. Wash hands and wear masks. Cut adhesive tape, restore adhesive tape, write the date, time, responsible person.

3. Check the outer package of the medical urine bag and its validity period. Cut off the outer package of the medical urine bag and paste adhesive tape.

4. Push the cart to the bedside, check and explain, assist the patient to position, and lay the treatment towel under the joint of the urinary catheter.

5. Squeeze the catheter gently, clamp the catheter tightly with a vascular clamp; open the gloves on the bedside table, discard the outer package on the second layer of the car, separate the catheter and cover it.

6. Disinfect the catheter, connect the medical urine bag, loosen the hemostatic forceps, and restore the forceps to the treatment plate.

7. Fix the medical urine bag properly.

8. Remove the treatment towel in the curved disk, take down the dirty medical urine bag, and discard the medical urine bag and curved plate in the medical garbage can in the public toilet, wash and hang the damaged scissors, and destroy the shape of gloves.

9. Wash hands and make beds.

10. Return to the treatment room, restore the object to its original position and wipe the treatment cart

11. Wash hands and take out masks.


1. Objective: To study the clinical application of this method

(1) Catheterization was performed before the operation of pelvic organs to empty the bladder and avoid accidental injury during the operation.

(2) Retention of the catheter for coma, urinary incontinence, or perineum injury, to maintain local dry, clean; some urinary system diseases after surgery, to promote the recovery of bladder function and wound healing.

2. Precautions

(1) Keep the drainage tube unobstructed, prevent the joint from slipping, and avoid distortion and obstruction

Plug and fold the drainage tube.

(2) Observe the color, character, and quantity of drainage fluid, and make records.

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