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    The Uses of Disposable Sterile Syringes
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    What are the uses of disposable sterile syringes? The use specifications of disposable sterile syringes are introduced below.

    The Uses of Disposable Sterile Syringes

    What are the uses of disposable sterile syringes?

    1. Drug injection can be used to inject drugs into vein, subcutaneous and muscle. Different drugs can be injected in different ways, and the time of drug onset will be different with different injection methods. For example, intravenous drip can produce the effect immediately, but if it is injected from muscle or subcutaneous, it usually takes 30 minutes to reach the peak;

    2. For vaccine injection, the disposable sterile syringe can be used for vaccine injection, but the syringe needs to be destroyed after use.

    Specifications for the use of disposable sterile syringes:

    1. A specially assigned person shall be responsible for the disinfection and destruction of disposable syringes;

    2, the allocation, purchase, use and destruction of syringe must be recorded one by one to ensure that the record is complete, and the call is also convenient.

    3. Medical syringes produced by regular manufacturers with regular batch numbers should be selected. If they are used for vaccination, self destruction syringes for vaccination can be selected;

    4. Requirements for syringe use: "one person, one needle, one tube, one for use and one for destruction";

    5. Before using the syringe, pay attention to whether the outer package of the syringe is complete and whether the warranty period has expired. If the warranty period has expired or the package is damaged, the syringe shall not be used;

    6. If the syringe after use is not destroyed immediately, it shall be stored in a container with anti puncture function, and then handed over uniformly for targeted treatment;

    7. In addition to destroying the shape with a shape destroyer, the shape of the syringe can also be destroyed manually. After being clamped with pliers, it can be soaked in disinfectant for disinfection and then treated;

    8. The syringe after use shall be subject to centralized and unified harmless treatment, and the steps are incineration - shape destruction disinfection - deep burial after incineration.

    In general, the use of disposable sterile syringes should be carried out in strict accordance with the operation steps of medical syringes. Do not reuse disposable syringes. Also remember not to discard the used syringes at will. Please strictly abide by the relevant regulations on the use of disposable syringes.

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