How to us 1ml luer slip syringe
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How to use 1ml luer slip syringe

If the amount of liquid extracted is small, it is not necessary to inject air (referring to the bottle) first. Insert the needle directly into the liquid and slowly pull it to the required scale in a vertical medicine bottle or inclined ampere bottle.

As long as the needle is completely in the liquid, it will not draw air.

If there is air after pulling out, the air can be discharged to check whether the dose is enough. If it is not enough ml, it can be extracted again.

If 1ml of liquid medicine is needed, the normal operation is to inject 1ml of air first and then extract 1ml of liquid medicine (the internal and external pressure is equal, and there will be no negative pressure so that the liquid cannot be pumped out).

How to us 1ml luer slip syringe

Precautions for the use of 1ml luer slip syringe:

1. The injector is a fragile instrument, so you should be more careful when using it. When not in use, you should wash it and put it in the box. Don't play with it and empty it. Otherwise, it will be seriously worn, damage the air tightness and reduce the accuracy.

2. Before and after use, the 1ml luer slip syringe must be cleaned with appropriate solvent according to the characteristics of the sample used.

3. If the needle tip of the 1ml luer slip syringe is blocked, it can be patiently penetrated with stainless steel wire with a diameter of 0.1mm.

4. The needle tip of the 1ml luer slip syringe cannot be burned directly with fire to prevent the needle tip from losing puncture ability due to annealing.

5. Do not hold the needle of the 1ml luer slip syringe or the part with sample.

6. When sucking the liquid sample with a 1ml luer slip syringe, wash it with a small amount of sample for many times. Suck the sample slowly, discharge it quickly, and then suck it slowly for several times, slightly more than the required amount, without bubbles. If there are bubbles in the needle, put the needle upward to make the bubbles rise and discharge, then discharge the excess sample, and suck the sample outside the needle tip with filter paper.

7. Inject the sample immediately after taking the sample. When injecting the sample, the 1ml luer slip syringe should be perpendicular to the injection port, the needle tip should pierce the injection spacer, insert it to the bottom, inject the sample quickly, pull out the 1ml luer slip syringe immediately after completion, and the whole action should be stable, consistent and rapid.

8. The injection speed shall be fast (but not too fast), and the same speed shall be maintained for each injection.

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